NIHON KOHDEN provides EEG products for all major areas of electroencephalography. Our products comply with requirements on routine diagnostics, long-term inpatient and outpatient examination with or without video, e.g. in epilepsy or somnology. These highly developed EEG systems also comply with the highest demands on quality in research applications. NIHON KOHDEN developed the world’s first 8-channel EEG with direct plotting and complete AC power supply in 1951, and the world’s first Windows-based digital EEG system. NIHON KOHDEN has since become a byword in product quality and longevity.

NIHON KOHDEN Neurofax EEG systems provide not only the benefits of a digital EEG system, but also a state-of-the-art modular design for maximal versatility in individual configuration to customer specifications in routine diagnostics. The system is optimised to match your exact requirements in daily routine, e.g. in the EEG lab, in intensive-care units or in the somnology lab, giving you the perfect setup for any situation.

Modern EEG systems are subject to extremely high demands in examining epileptic diseases. NIHON KOHDEN provides high-frequency sampling in multi-channel Neurofax EEG systems suitable for routine diagnostic examinations as well as invasive preoperative diagnostics. Neurofax EEG provides all the benefits of a digital EEG system, and has been designed to meet the most demanding requirements of everyday clinical practice. This system solution has set the standard in epilepsy-related diagnostics and monitoring.

NIHON KOHDEN Neurofax EEG systems give you all the benefits of digital EEG and polygraph systems in polysomnography. The modern all-in-one approach ensures utmost versatility in individually matching the system to customer specifications, optimising the system to the exact demands of the application set for everyday clinical practice in polysomnography.

NIHON KOHDEN supplies a variety of solutions for mobile long-term EEG monitoring; from the classical mobile long-term EEG to telemetric online monitoring with video, these systems give you superlative versatility in individual configuration to the demands set. The systems are optimised for the exact requirements of daily practice, e.g. in EEG monitoring, in intensive-care units or outpatient somnological analysis – equipping you for any situation.

Research requires advanced modular EEG system concepts. Neurofax EEG systems enables examinatinons, high sampling rates and mobile recording capability. These systems give you flexibility in individual configuring of EEG systems to match the highest demands set in research applications. Apart from standard software bundles, the systems come with optional specialist software developed for science by science – the ideal instruments for research.